What The Komen San Diego Team Is Thankful For This Year

Laura Farmer Sherman – “I’m Thankful for our awesome team and my 11th Thanksgiving as a survivor.”

Lizzie Wittig – “I’m thankful for Komen for giving me 6 extra years with my mom – 6 extra Thanksgivings with her. And I make my mom’s glorified rice in her memory.staff thankful for

Karla Lopez – “I’m thankful for my sister and my family this Thanksgiving.”

Flora Hoang– “I am thankful for the simple things and finding beauty in the moments… puppy snuggles, a quick hug, a smile from a stranger I am thankful for each breath. I am thankful for life.

Annie Eddey – “I’m thankful that I get to spend my days working to give women in San Diego the same chance at life that my mom got. And for thanksgiving leftovers!”

Gabby Murrieta — “I’m thankful for the countless people that support and share our mission to end breast cancer forever. Although there is so much work that still needs to be done, I’m grateful for the amount of breast cancer awareness there is throughout the world.”