Team Rack Packers:  Bonded Together to Support Jenny, A Young Survivor

The Rack Packers are a transplant team from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It began last year as a Komen 3 Day team with the five Driessen children, Muffy, JP, Bullets, Jenny and Bitsy, and their friends, Roxanne Chrestman and Jeri Nolan.  Just last year, Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer in June at 35 years old.  After the initial shock, they decided to fight the best way they knew how. . . join forces and raise money for others suffering from this nasty disease!  

While Jenny was undergoing treatment, the Rack Packers (a name inspired by The Green Bay Packers) managed to raise over $25,000!  You could easily spot the team in the 3 Day line up as they were decked out in green and gold, the Packer colors, and tons of pink!!  The team used a variety of fundraising tactics including their nieces’ jewelry sales, Happy Hour events, Facebook and handwritten letters.  As Jenny states, “The Walk was a beautiful distraction from the stress of treatment.  It was the perfect bonding experience for the Driessen Family and friends that raised money to increase awareness, aid in treatment and go towards research that will hopefully someday find a cure for breast cancer.”

The Rack Packers will be participating in this year’s Race for the Cure and are actively recruiting new members.  Komen sincerely thanks the efforts of the Rack Packers and their creativity and ability to make light of a crummy situation.  We look forward to seeing your crew on November 3!!