Team Mission Possible:  Walking Strong since 2004

Team Mission Possible was formed by Cheryl Ann Cooke in 2004 to honor her mother, Geraldine Kurtz, who, at the time, was a breast cancer survivor.  Unfortunately, Geraldine died in 2006 at the young age of 62 due to liver complications brought on by the extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments she had undergone during her fight against breast cancer. Cheryl said “As I watched my mom in her last hours, it enraged me to think that people can survive cancer, but die because of side effects from their treatments.” Channeling her frustration, sadness and anger yet also hope for future breast cancer patients, Cheryl created Team Mission Possible.  Cheryl’s husband, Christopher, also lost his mom to complications from breast cancer in 1983 when he was just 4 ½ years old.

Team Mission Possible has had a rotating group of participants the past 9 years but the two constants have been Cheryl and her Dad, Kenneth.  When asked how Team Mission Possible earns most of its money, Cheryl reports that “talking to people has been our most successful fundraising technique. I am amazed at how many people this disease has touched- whether it’s a direct relative, family member of a friend, or co-worker, almost everyone I talk to has been impacted somehow by breast cancer.”  Cheryl also promotes the team on Facebook, via email and gets her co-workers involved with her donation candy jar at work. Such a great fundraising idea!  Thankfully, this team’s collaborative efforts amassed about $2,000 last year and plan to generate $3,000 this year.  Mission Possible, your goal is SO possible!!

Like so many other Race for the Cure Teams, Team Mission Possible finds therapy in the event and provides hope for the future.  According to Cheryl, “Having my Dad and husband able to join me in this venture is probably my favorite part of the whole experience, aside from meeting so many new and wonderful people!”  Thanks to teams like yours, we believe a cure is POSSIBLE!!  Keep up the good work, and we will see you November 3.