Team of the Week:  Jessi’s Girls

Breast cancer can strike at any age and really put you to the test.  As a wife and mother of two young children, Jessi was just diagnosed with breast cancer on July 24 of this year.  She has already made it clear she is ready to fight, and her loved ones will be right at her side for the November 3 Race for the Cure.  “Jessi’s Girls,” as the team is called, is a mixture of Jessi’s family, college friends and co-workers.  Many of the members are out-of-towners, and few have actually met.  But, all are banding together to support their Jessi and Komen San Diego that helps so many uninsured San Diego breast cancer patients who need treatment and a helping hand.

Jessi’s Girls team headcount and fundraising have both exploded due to the use of Facebook, Twitter, and email blasts.  When asked how much the team plans to raise this year, Nicole Quartermus, the team captain, boldly answered, “As much as we possibly CAN!!”

Recognizing that breast cancer has affected not only Jessi , but so many other friends and family members of the team, Jessi’s Girls will proudly display the names of those afflicted by breast cancer on their race t-shirts.

We at Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure San Diego want to commend Nicole, Jessi and the rest of Jessi’s Girls for your strength during this fight and your courage to make a difference!  Jessi, the love from your family and friends will carry you through this tough time.  We will anxiously await your arrival at the starting line!