US Treasury Department To Place Woman On $10 Bill


The US Treasury Department has finally decided that it’s time for a woman to be featured on US currency once again. The last woman featured was Martha Washington from 1891-1896 on the $1 Silver Certificate. This time around the currency note will be the $10 bill that currently features Alexander Hamilton. The idea is to keep Hamilton on the bill but include an important female figure from US history. Besides historical significance, the other qualification for a currency candidate is that they must be deceased.  The Treasury department is seeking suggestions through social media and ask that you simply use the hashtag #TheNew10 with all your recommendation postings. Many have already taken to social media to give their ideas for the new bill, suggestions include important figures in US history like Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou and Jane Addams. Give your opinion on which historical female figure deserves this designation on our Facebook page.

Read more from the USA Today.