The Day is Almost Here, Are You Ready?

After weeks of training (or not) you’re almost ready to take on the Susan G. Komen San Diego Race for the Cure 5k & 1 mile walk/run! Here are a few helpful tips to help you run the best race you can!

  1. Get plenty of sleep! The pre-race jitters might keep you up the night before the race so start going to bed a little earlier a couple of days before the race to ensure your body is well rested.
  2. Don’t run the day before. Most athletes don’t take time off to rest but the day before the race is the most important time to be relaxing. Go do some light yoga and stretch to prepare your muscles.
  3. Eat breakfast a couple of hours before the race. You should eat something simple that’s high in energy such as oatmeal, a sports bar or bagel with peanut butter. Don’t try anything new, if this isn’t your normal pre-run meal, don’t try it now.
  4. Drink plenty of water!! Hydration is key especially before a big run.7-weeks-blog-post-image
  5. Get to the race early. That way you won’t have to worry about parking, warming up or waiting in line for the bathroom.
  6. Warm up. How can you run if your muscles aren’t ready to run? Make sure you get an easy workout in with a light jog or walk for about 10 minutes and some stretching.
  7. Have a GREAT run! You’re ready for this, now go cross that finish line!