The Best Pink Costumes for Halloween and Race Day!

Wear your Costume for Halloween and Be a Hero at the Race for the Cure

October is the month of two major events. The first is obvious by the large selection of pumpkins in front of your grocery store and your neighbors’ houses decorated in spooky ghosts and spiderwebs, Halloween. The second is Breast Cancer Awareness Month where you notice your favorite restaurants, stores, and NFL teams become decked out in pink. With so much happening in one month, we decided why not combine the two to create one epic month!

Susan G. Komen is turning Halloween pink this year and you can too! This year, San Diego’s Race for the Cure is on Sunday, November 1. We love seeing everyone dressed up in fun and different costumes on Race morning. By turning your Halloween pink you can simply take your costume from the day before and wear it to the race!

Here is our list of the 10 best pink costumes for this October:

1. A Pink Ribbon

ribbion costume

2. Pink Minnie Mouse



3. Ballerina


4. The Pink Ladies

pink ladies

5. Pink Crayon


6. Pink Power Ranger


7. Pink Poodle Skirt

poodle skirt

8. Princess


9. Pink Bunny

pink bunny

10. A Pair of Breasts

big boobs