First Impressions Dental

Thank you First Impressions Dental!

First Impressions Dental was an outstanding Row for a Cure sponsor.

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First Impressions Dental chose to support the Susan G. Komen San Diego’s Row for a Cure to help make a difference with Breast Cancer.  All of us are in one way or another associated with Breast Cancer, through our Mother, our Sister, Daughter, Aunt or Friend.  The team at First Impressions Dental have personal connections with breast cancer as they have witnessed family members fight and survive breast cancer.  They remember the entire struggle and the difficult times that they faced; from understanding the diagnosis, numerous surgeries, chemotherapy and thankfully remission.

This is a cause that is too close to home for each and every person at First Impressions Dental. They are dedicated to helping Susan G. Komen San Diego achieve its mission to help find a cure so that not only their family and loved ones, but absolutely no one is faced with this tumultuous battle. First Impression Dental dedicates their donation to Adriana Espinosa-Cota and Norma Jimenez.