Team ProFlowers: More Than You Think

Founded for the 2004 Race for the Cure, Team ProFlowers beautifies San Diego with more than its flowers. More than 150 members strong, the ProFlowers Team of the Week raised $27,783 in 2012 and has the ambitious goal to raise $30,000 in 2013, all in the name of breast cancer. Since 2004, this team has raised more than $325,000!  ProFlowers employees unite for the cause and are highly motivated to support their coworkers and make a difference in San Diego.
“Most team members have been touched by breast cancer either through co-workers or friends and family,” says Erica Rourke, a co-captain along with Robin Rasmussen Marella and Kelli Chessman. “It is a very real disease to us, and one that we would like to eradicate. All of the captains’ mothers had breast cancer, and Robin is a survivor herself.”

Team ProFlowers is a combination of employees, family, and friends from ProFlowers and its parent company, Provide Commerce, and sister brands, RedEnvelope, Shari’s Berries, Personal Creations, ProPlants, and Cherry Moon Farms. Reaching their goal every year is accomplished with the combined efforts of so many generous people and their assortment of fundraising activities including raffles, bake sales, salad bars, art auctions, and even haunted houses! There is friendly competition within the team, awarding bragging rights to the top fundraiser every year. According to Captain Rourke, “ProFlowers gives employees overwhelming support to fundraise, and without them, we would never have been the #1 corporate fundraising team in San Diego for the last 8 years.” In an effort to recruit new team members, Team ProFlowers launches a campaign every October to invite all of their coworkers to join. They even have “Pink People,” volunteers who hand out flyers and motivate people for the fundraising events.

Last year, one of ProFlowers’ team members, Roxy Hanson, created a pink quilt with photos and t-shirts from previous race years. Hanson’s heartwarming quilt of memories sold for $500 at one of her team’s fundraising events, and it is now on display in the ProFlowers lobby for all team members and fellow employees to enjoy.

Thank you, Team ProFlowers and Provide Commerce, for your continued contributions to the Race for the Cure and the community of San Diego. We are a prettier place because of you!