Olga was first introduced to Susan G. Komen ®, San Diego when supporting a friend and participating in the three-day walk.  She started using a self-examination card she received as a participant.  Olga did her own self-exam every year before she was eligible for annual mammograms and then performed self-exams in between annual appointments.

Eight months before her next scheduled mammogram, Olga found a lump.  She saw her doctor right away to get checked, and was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. She was in shock and disbelief, yet felt grateful knowing it could have much worse if she had waited for her scheduled exam. The eternal optimist, she worried mostly about upsetting her son, her husband, her mother, and the rest of her family.

She received support from the San Ysidro Health Clinic, who stepped in to make sure she was able to get coverage when her insurance would not take care of all the costs.  The clinic also suggested she join a support group.  The support group became a saving grace for her.  She didn’t want her loved ones to worry about her, so she maintained her positive attitude during chemo, never complaining.   The support group became a safe place of women who had dealt with the same challenges she had.  She didn’t feel alone, or afraid to talk about the negative impact the treatment was having on her.

Olga is now cancer free, and volunteers to give support to the Latina community in San Diego at the San Ysidro Health Clinic, inspired by the women and their stories of strength and triumph.

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