Mother Ramosmomramos

Mother Ramos’ story is told through her daughter, Maria.  Here is Maria’s story: Awareness is key…it started out with my Mom telling my Dad she felt a lump…in her late-40’s.  She had a cyst removed.  Then, years later, she made Dad aware she felt something else.  In her early 50’s she had a mastectomy.  From then until now, in her late 70’s…she has endured surgeries, clinical trials, radiation 2x , years of chemotherapy, bone injections and thousand trips to about 50-60 doctors and hundred of injections and blood work and body scans.  She has out lived every statistic, every prognosis and has beat this thing called cancer. She was diagnosed with breast, bone, liver and brain cancer and still manages to walk on her own, looks amazing and still has a spice for life. She has such a strong faith, a will to live and most of all…all these years she has paid attention to her body.   I love this woman mucho!!!


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