Komen San Diego stepped in when no one else would.  Julia was in her early twenties when she felt the lump in her breast.  Now at age 27, she met a passionate practitioner of La Maestra Clinic – a recipient of a Komen San Diego grant awarded to Counsel of Community Clinics – who encouraged her to come in and receive an exam.  As a newlywed and a student, Julia hadn’t been able to afford regular checkups.   So she made an appointment with La Maestra clinic with a curiosity to see if they could help her.

The doctor at La Maestra felt the lumps and immediately recommended she get a sonogram.  Based on the results, they recommended she get them surgically removed.  But at $500, that wasn’t something Julia could afford to pay for.  Thankfully for a Komen San Diego grant to La Maestra Clinic, Julia was able to have the surgery free of charge.  The doctors worked with her anxiety surrounding the surgery, making her feel calm, and very well taken care of.  They removed two golf ball sized cysts from one of her breasts, and they came back benign.

Her advice to others is to get checked, “nothing is more important than your life,” she said.  “There are so many resources available.”  Julia is now an avid volunteer at La Maestra, fueled by her passion to make the same impact in the lives of other women.


We admire the courage of all women who are surviving breast cancer. If you want to share your experiences with us, please contact: