Irene Oberbauerirene-oberbauer

Fundraiser Extraordinaire

Over the past four years, Irene Oberbauer has raised more than $100,000 for Susan G. Komen San Diego.  Put that in real terms:  $100,000 funds 800 lifesaving mammograms, 8 complete courses of chemotherapy or 2,000 days of meals for women struggling to put food on the table during treatment.

“Imagine.  Each of us has the control of potentially saving someone’s life by just asking the question, ‘Will you help?’” said Oberbauer.

Between a personal e-newsletter that she sends to her family and friends, coin canisters that she asks her local dry cleaners and florist to put at their front desk, a casino game night she throws, tremendous support from her family and donating herself—Irene is one of Komen’s top fundraisers and a force to be reckoned with.

“A lot of people have apprehension about asking for support or donations—but I know Komen’s mission is too important and I never hesitate. If someone says no, that’s okay, I’m not working to change their mind, and I turn it into an opportunity to educate them.”

In the same year that Irene was battling stage three breast cancer she lost her sister to a combination of breast, brain and lung cancer. Now she literally walks in her sister’s shoes every Race for the Cure and is unwavering in her dedication to support the women in our community battling this disease.

“A day doesn’t go by without thinking that it’s going to come back. I can only hope that every dollar I’m raising is going to keep that from happening.”

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