Susan G. Komen San Diego’s Circle of Promise at the San Diego Tattoo Invitational

Susan G. Komen San Diego’s Circle of Promise at the San Diego Tattoo Invitational

Susan G. Komen San Diego’s Circle of Promise will be at the San Diego Tattoo Invitational to provide breast health information and resources to the community.

Garnett Tattoo in San Diego provides breast cancer patients 3-D nipple areola pigmentation tattoos. Stop by their booth for more information or call Toni Wallin (Garnet Tattoo) at (619) 942-9737.

About Garnet Tattoo

Shane Wallin, is a 24-year veteran Tattoo Artist and owner of Garnet Tattoo in San Diego.

Throughout his career, he has striven to be as versatile as his clientele. As an artist, he enjoys working with many styles of tattooing. Much of his work has become focused on working with breast cancer survivors, doing not only decorative designs, but also 3-D nipple and areola portrait tattooing. This has led him to doing similar work within the transgender community.

In 2012, he had the opportunity of working with a breast cancer survivor that had undergone a double mastectomy. She went through reconstruction including implants and skin resurfacing. She was left with considerable scarring from this experience. Her idea was to cover the scars with a beautiful decorative lace bra tattoo. Wallin found himself very engaged with the idea and immediately started working on sketches. The result was a beautiful tattoo that has the illusion of a realistic bra. She expressed how healing this tattoo was for her and that she felt like a woman again. This made Wallin realize what a profound effect his work could bring: positive change.

“I’m very grateful for the experience that she gave me, and the direction it has taken my career,” said Wallin. “I work with many plastic surgeons and medical facilities here in the San Diego area and across the country doing restorative nipple and areola work and I look forward to continuing to expand the community of mastectomy based tattooing.”

As an artist participant and collaborative partner to @inkedbytats, Wallin will be participating in the San Diego Tattoo Invitational. For the next three days, he will be doing both 3-D nipple and decorative tattoo giveaways throughout the event for survivor clients.

For more information about Shane Wallin or his work, check out

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