Robin Rady, Susan G. Komen Board Member Won KPBS- Local Hero Award

One of Susan G. Komen San Diego’s newest Board Members, Robin Rady, was honored by KPBS this week with the Local Hero Award for her work with creating organizational binders for people with cancer.robin rady

Four years ago, Robin Rady was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though it was caught early, it’s the kind of news that could have been enough to put   anyone in a deep funk or a tailspin. But Robin, who is known for her warmth and positive energy, searched for clarity and calm. She found it in a binder–and that binder ended up seeing her through one of the toughest periods of her life, a time filled with surgeries, reconstructive surgeries, physical therapy and so much more.

“Throughout the pbinderrocess, I accumulated so much paperwork—lab and pathology reports, blood work results, and CT scans,” Rady says. “In addition, I had quite a collection of my own handwritten notes from all my doctor appointments. I had papers in my car, papers in my kitchen, papers in my office and I saw how quickly this could get out of hand. I created a medical records binder for myself as a way to take control of my disorganized self and bring order to this already stressful time.”kpbs logo

Today, the 2015 Jewish American Heritage Month Local Hero is making a difference by creating binders for new cancer patients. The idea to do so was sparked by a conversation with Dr. Mary Wilde, one of Rady’s doctors, who is also the medical director at Scripps Polster Breast Care Center.



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