Remembering Heather

Heather Henselmeier, 45, was fighting her second diagnosis of breast cancer when she died last Thursday, August 27.

An infection had set in following a round of chemotherapy and she suffered a heart attack.    She leaves behind two sons – Devon and Damon – and heather at race heather chemo  husband Michael.   And tons of friends like me.  And Annie, our director of marketing communications. And Flora, our director of development.  And maybe you too.

She worked tirelessly giving speeches about the risks of breast cancer.  She was especially concerned to reach young women.  She was a valued employee of TD Ameritrade and led a big Race for the Cure team.

I remember the last time I saw Heather we sang the Oscar Mayer theme song (you know – my baloney has a first name – it’s O S C AHeather Henselmeier R ….) when we got to the part of spelling out M A Y E R we substituted Henselmeier.   We laughed and laughed.

The last time I spoke to Heather was when she told me she was going in for – as she called – Breast Cancer, the sequel.heather in komen

Heather — mother, co-worker, friend, wife, volunteer, leader and all around good egg – was more than the sum of all of those parts.  She was and is an amazing and shining spirit.   I will always remember her.  Because girlfriends never forget.

Remember the people you love today.  Reach out and tell them so.


–  Laura Farmer Sherman is the President & CEO of Susan G. Komen San Diego