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Breast Cancer News

  • Medical Xpress – Women aged 18-44 with a history of breast cancer reported a lower health-related quality of life than older survivors, highlighting the impact of breast cancer on the physical and mental health of younger women.
  • Science Daily – Study shows that for women undergoing breast cancer surgery, a technique called lipofilling — using the patient’s own fat cells to optimize the results of breast reconstruction — does not increase the risk of recurrent breast cancer.
  • Medical Xpress – Study shows women who eat more high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood—especially lots of fruits and vegetables—may have significantly lower breast cancer risk than those who eat less dietary fiber when young.
  • Medical Xpress – Investigators found that a set of easily measurable risk factors can predict the magnitude of survival benefit offered by radiation therapy following breast cancer surgery for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).
  • Medical Xpress – New research shows mistrust toward breast cancer treatment and the health care system by African-Americans who participated in Chicago focus groups,
  • Science Daily – A new article from Mayo Clinic Cancer Center researchers provides an in-depth look at the issues associated with the care of women in families with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer who have not yet developed cancer themselves.
  • Medical Xpress –Study shows women who survived breast or thyroid cancer faced an elevated risk of developing the other cancer as a secondary malignancy.
  • WebMD – New study suggests meditation and music may reduce pain, anxiety and fatigue associated with a breast cancer biopsy.

Cancer News

  • Science Daily –  Researchers have identified some of the physical and biochemical signals from the cells surrounding a tumor that allow cancer cells to metastasize.
  • Science Codex  – A team of scientists from the US and the UK have found that “junk” DNA – DNA found in between genes – plays a role in suppressing cancer.
  • Science Daily – Many cancer survivors suffer from an increased risk of cardiac complications related to the toxic effect chemotherapy drugs have on the heart.

Science Codex – Researchers have  developed a way to use the empty shell of a Hepatitis E virus to carry vaccines or drugs into the body.