Proud to Be a Komen Champion

Susan G. Komen San Diego President & CEO Shaina Gross (left) speaking with Komen’s 2018 Honorary Survivor Lilian Vanvieldt-Gray (right).

In September, I will have officially been Komen San Diego’s CEO for one year.  In this last year, our team has had some phenomenal accomplishments!  We led the charge on legislation in Sacramento that removed an arbitrary 18-month cap on breast cancer care.  Patients will no longer have to worry if their coverage will run out in the middle of their treatment. We contributed to a research study that recently discovered that people with certain types of early stage cancer may not need chemotherapy.  This will have a huge impact on the quality of life for cancer survivors.  This year, the Komen team helped thousands of women and men through outreach, through our financial assistance fund, our diagnostic and screening fund and by being there every time someone in need walks through our door or calls us.  

The work the team does every day is inspiring.  The difference we are making in the community is important.  And the lives we are changing are countless.  What an honor to be leading this powerful mission. We couldn’t do it without the support of our volunteers, our champions, our advocates and our donors.  Thank you for joining us.  Thank you for being more than pink. 

Yours truly, 

Shaina Gross
President & CEO
Susan G. Komen® San Diego