Plaza Home Mortgage’s 3-Day Journey

To some, the Susan G. Komen 3-Day in San Diego may seem like just another way to raise money for a good cause. But to other people like Jane Latchford VP and Controller at Plaza Home Mortgage, it’s a passion and a cause that they have given their life toward.

“The walk can be whatever you want it to be for yourself. For me, this has become a passion that I
give myself to each year. People walk for so many reasons – fighting for the cause, achieving a goal
(physical or fundraising), making new friends, and to be part of something that is bigger than
yourself,” Latchford said.

The 3-Day took place November 17th – 19th. Team Plaza consisted of associates Carol Kay, Jane
Latchford, Rosalynda Oriol, Natalie Ticehurst and Alicia Wadsworth, as well as six friends and
colleagues of the associates.

Latchford, who is a 4-year veteran walker, described the 3-Day as an exciting journey.

“It actually feels like we are embarking on a journey, beginning the Thursday night before the walk.
At 6:30 AM Friday morning, it is all in front of us as we take our first steps out of the Del Mar
Fairgrounds through Del Mar into La Jolla. The city of Del Mar dresses up all in pink, and it is quite a
site to see. As we walk up Torrey Pines Hill and look behind us, it’s just a sea of pink.”

The community support for the 3-Day was nothing short of miraculous. Hundreds of people, called
walker stalkers, came out to cheer the walkers on and follow them throughout the course of the
weekend. They supplied food, water, and almost anything you could think of. There were also about
50 police officers, dressed up in pink with dyed hair, who volunteered their time to support and keep
the walkers safe. High school cheer squads were there to encourage walkers and add positivity to
the atmosphere, as well.

Because it’s a 3-day event, there was plenty of time for conversations each day with fellow walkers.
Latchford said they had some very deep and meaningful conversations, and some silly ones, too.

“It’s hard to describe the atmosphere of the walk. It’s 2,500 people all walking extreme mileage for
the same cause. We are happy, tired, exhilarated, laughing, crying, mourning, celebrating all at the
same time,” Latchford said.

Team Plaza had four new walkers this year, which brought amazing new energy to the team. The
emotional opening ceremonies featured a team of 29 that flew in from Michigan. The leader of the
team had stage IV breast cancer (metastasized), and last year was supposed to be her last year
walking. Through her treatments this year, she was able to walk, and brought her team of
supporters with her.