Pfizer Oncology Research Fellow, Dr. Brion Murray, Featured at Susan G. Komen® San Diego’s Annual Breast Health Symposium

On Wednesday, March 14th, enjoy an interactive night filled with cutting-edge conversations on the latest innovations in breast cancer research, treatment and well-being. Hosted by Emmy® Award Winning Journalist, Maria Menounos and featuring Dr. Brion W. Murray, research fellow at Pfizer Oncology.


Quiescence – an emerging front in the war on cancer
Every day, cells in your body divide, grow and die in an orderly manner. Breast cancer is a family of diseases where cells in the breast tissue grow and divide without normal control. This growth of cells forms a mass or lump called a tumor. Quiescence (kwēes´ens), refers to the period when a cell is not dividing and typically thought to be inactive. On March 14th, Dr. Brion W. Murray will discuss how quiescence is an emerging and critical component of disease progression and current therapies to eliminate this type of tumor cell. Murray will also share how his wife’s experience with breast cancer changed the way he approaches research. 

“Brion’s life-long passion to find cures for cancer gave me hope as I battled my disease.” – Barbara, Brion Murray’s wife.  

Going through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment as a family, expanded Murray’s perspective to be even more patient focused.   

He is a Research Fellow at Pfizer Oncology, contributing to four FDA-approved drugs and many other investigational drugs, and a senior editor of AACR journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. In each of his roles, he ensures that there is a patient perspective at the forefront of the work.   

Join us for a perspective of cancer research and drug discovery that you can’t get by following the news.


Wednesday, March 14th
5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel