Personal Message from Our Friends at Anderson Plumbing

The work of Susan G. Komen San Diego is very important to me because my family has struggled with breast cancer for many years. I am named after two important women in my life – my grandmother, Mary and my Aunt Jean – both of whom had breast cancer. My grandmother died in her late 60’s because it was not diagnosed in time. And thankfully, my Aunt Jean is a survivor because she was diagnosed in time. My Aunt Gen is also a survivor. And there are many other friends, family members and employees who have had to face this disease. We believe in the team at Susan G. Komen San Diego. Of every dollar raised, 75 cents stays here in San Diego. With over $1 million invested locally each year, Komen San Diego continues to be the County’s largest provider of free mammograms, free breast cancer surgery and treatments, meal delivery, child care, temporary financial aid, services research and support. The remaining 25 cents goes into a pool to help fund research grants at the National level.

Anderson Plumbing is a proud supporter of local breast health services and support for women and men battling breast cancer. 

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