PARK FOR PINK is back!

park-for-pinkFor the second year in a row, Ace Parking launches its PARK FOR PINK campaign. PARK FOR PINK is a national campaign to support cancer research by raising awareness, generate funds, and motivate the community to get involved in the fight against cancer. Susan G. Komen is honored to be a beneficiary in this campaign.

PARK FOR PINK was inspired by the affect cancer had on Keith B. Jones’ family. Keith is a third generation Owner, Managing Principal and Partner of Ace Parking. Keith’s wife Megan is the inspiration behind PARK FOR PINK after being diagnosed with cancer in her first year of marriage to Keith. Megan was in her early thirties when she was diagnosed with High Grade B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Keith says “Now, having a few years to reflect on this transformational event, and having endured the trial together with my resilient and beautiful wife, we have tremendous compassion and empathy for those who continue to fight this battle. I am thrilled to have my family business Ace Parking be a platform for supporting those who are suffering from this disease, and assist those who will one day find a cure.”

PARK FOR PINK began in San Diego last year where the campaign raised tens of thousands of dollars for Susan G. Komen and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. During the month of October, each time a customer parks with Ace Parking, a portion of their parking fee will be used towards fighting cancer. This year the campaign will be going national with Ace Parking’s from coast to coast participating in PARK FOR PINK!