Our honorary survivor lands front page of Union Tribune

Breast cancer survivor, husband lead advocacy campaign in San Diego’s black community

By Pam Kragen, The San Diego Union Tribune

When Lilian Vanvieldt-Gray was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in July 2017, the news rocked her to the core. But when she learned in the ensuing weeks that several genetic warning signs had been pointing her in that direction all along, she got motivated.

Vanvieldt-Gray, and her husband Douglas Gray, have turned their private health struggle into a public platform to encourage and help other black women and men with a high risk factor for breast cancer to get mammograms and screenings.

“A mammogram saved my life,” she said. “Our goal is to raise money for (mammogram) grants. I can’t prevent people from being affected by cancer but I can prevent people from being forced to make a life or death decision due to finances.”

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