Now You Can Customize & Print a Gift at Home with TwoSmiles by HP

Now there is a way to customize a gift for any occasion—at home or work!

twosmiles-card-thumbTwoSmiles, by Hewlett-Packard, is a greeting card and gift card in one!  Giving the perfect gift has never been easier!  Seriously! It’s a super easy 5-step process—and it works like a charm!

Step 1:  Go to
Step 2:  Select a greeting card from hundreds of designs
Step 3:  Select a gift card you want to include.
Step 4:  Personalize or choose an already written greeting
Step 5:  Pay and print!

“TwoSmiles is built on the belief that every day is a celebration, whether it’s a birthday or National Pancake Day!  It is the brand’s mission to empower people and the community to celebrate each day, and which is why we have a strong passion to become involved with great community partners like Komen San Diego,” said Roger Ku, Web Marketing Manager at Hewlett-Packard. “Breast cancer affects many lives each year and we want to be a part in finding a cure, raising awareness, and empowering each other to celebrate life each day.”

TwoSmiles was created out of the need for a quick and easy gift solution that was still personal.  In today’s busy world, many people don’t have time to drive out to the mall or make special trips to give gifts.  Gift cards off the rack make it easier, but they still require making a trip and lack a personal touch.
And in case you wonder, the name TwoSmiles comes from the smile one gets when creating a TwoSmiles card—and the smile that crosses ones face when receiving a TwoSmiles card.