Sisters for the Cure.

Sandra (42) and Karla Lopez (37) are sisters. Born in Tijuana. Raised in National City. Now living―and surviving―in Chula Vista. Together they share a special story of love, survival, and Komen San Diego.

It was Sandra, who in 2008, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Her journey is typical of young women who discover a lump at an early age. She ignored it at first. And having no insurance put her in a state where she could only pray it was not deadly. She eventually went south of the border to Tijuana to see if her family doctor could help. They helped by first finding something and then immediately referring her back to the San Ysidro Health Center in San Diego. They did a biopsy ultrasound and mammogram. More results. Another referral. This time to oncologist Dr. Marilyn Ortuno Norton at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center in Chula Vista. At this point in Sandra’s journey, she received some good news: Komen provided the temporary financial aid, patient navigation, and support groups she needed to get through what was coming― a mastectomy, along with chemo and radiation treatments.

Sandra’s sister, Karla, could not be apart from her sister during this ordeal, and so they moved in together, along with Sandra’s husband & three children. With a steadfast dedication to help Sandra be a survivor, Karla discovered the Komen Race for the Cure San Diego. “Discover” is a mild way of putting it. Karla became a force of her own by starting a team. Her efforts helped raise money that Komen uses to support the many “Sandra’s” of San Diego with their treatments. As Karla says, “Komen gets everyone in my family involved to give back to our own community. You can see in their eyes the good mood from helping as a family. Plus now my brother sponsored a big event at his restaurant “Rincon Del Mar” in National City! More giving. More survivors.”

There are many families like the Lopez family who help Komen provide research grants in the search for improved diagnostic tools, treatments, and cures. Join with Sandra and Karla on November 3rd for the Race for the Cure® in Balboa Park. Your commitment to the Race will not only fund lifesaving research but also provide free diagnostics, food delivery programs, treatments and services for breast cancer patients here in San Diego County. In fact, Susan G. Komen in San Diego is the largest provider of free breast cancer diagnostics, services, and treatments of any organization.

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