This California surfer girl rode the biggest wave of a lifetime.
And survived.

Heather Clark, surfer, lives to ride the waves of San Diego. But it’s Heather Clark, survivor, who took on the biggest wave life will ever throw down―being diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago after just turning 29.

Heather’s mom had passed away from ovarian cancer after a six-year struggle. Heather was only eight. Her Aunt died shortly after of breast cancer. The next wave came by being BRCA1 positive. Because of her family history, she started getting mammograms every six months after she turned 21. At 29, they spotted a fast-growing tumor, and the MRI revealed multiple tumors in both breasts. Her cancer was spreading fast and needed to be stopped. She got into a nine-month trial at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center to test a new chemo drug. While it made her very sick, it stopped the cancer cold―long enough for her to have a double mastectomy. No signs of cancer―the chemo had killed it.

Her entire journey has been funded through Komen grants―the biopsies, MRIs, surgeries, chemo, and temporary financial aid. Along with Komen, Heather discovered that surfing nourished her emotional needs―and kept her in touch with her body. The surgeries have left her unable to raise her arms over her head, and she can’t feel the tips of her fingers. But she’s surfing and surviving. And cancer can’t do that.

The wave of support powered by Komen research grants keeps getting bigger in the search for improved diagnostic tools, treatments, and cures. You can be a part of this unstoppable wave by joining Heather and thousands of others on November 3rd for the Race for the Cure® in Balboa Park. Your commitment to the Race will not only fund lifesaving research but also provide free diagnostics, food delivery programs, treatments and services for breast cancer patients here in San Diego County. In fact, Susan G. Komen in San Diego is the largest provider of free breast cancer diagnostics, services, and treatments of any organization.

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