Local Komen-funded Researcher on New Findings that Could Stop Metastatic Breast Cancer

UC San Diego Health’s Dr. Desgrosellier, Komen-funded researcher,  shares new therapeutic approach that could stop breast cancer metastasis from forming and spreading. Click on the button below to read more about this revolutionary finding. 


About Susan G. Komen’s Research Program

Susan G. Komen, is the world’s leading breast cancer organization,  funding thousands of breast cancer research programs across the country. In 2017, California was granted over $1.9 million dollars in research funding to focus on new treatments and understanding of the most lethal forms and stages of breast cancer. Komen’s research program is funded in part by contributions from Komen’s nationwide Network of Affiliates, which directs 25 percent of funds raised locally to Komen’s national research program, while investing the remaining 75 percent into community outreach programs that serve local women and men facing breast cancer.

Since 1996, Komen San Diego has funded $13,095,259 to community programs serving local women and men, while contributing $5,665,144 to Komen research since 1997.