Leia Brune, Development Director – San Diego

Leia Brune has a diverse history of planning events for multiple industries, ranging from non-profit arts organizations, to professional membership organizations, to weddings and corporate events. Having planned over 300 events in her career, Leia thrives on the excitement that each event creates through the planning process.

She is passionate about making an impact in her community to benefit those in need. She loves bringing people together for a greater cause and raising awareness and money to fight breast cancer. Leia became affected by breast cancer at a young age after her grandmother was diagnosed and had to undergo a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. Since then, she has been a supporter and donor to organizations that search for a cure and help those affected by breast cancer.

In her spare time Leia enjoys live theatre, opera, and symphony. She keeps active by attending barre, Pilates, and training at the gym, as well as paddle boarding, hiking, and running. As a transplant from Florida, she spends her spare time getting to know San Diego with her fiancé, Russ, and their dachshund, Cosmos.

Phone: (619) 393-5259

Email: ltriplett@komen.org