Komen urges congress not to repeal ACA without viable replacement



Susan G. Komen strongly feels that repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) without a viable replacement would lead to the loss of coverage and services to the populations we represent. We urge that any replacement should unequivocally preserve the vital patient protections outlined below.

Komen stands behind the following Breast Cancer Bill of Rights and urges Congress to preserve and strengthen patient protections for the women and men we serve:

Breast Cancer Bill of Rights

  • ACCESS: Breast cancer patients and survivors have a right to continuous, affordable, quality and accessible health insurance coverage.
  • CLINICAL TRIALS: Breast cancer patients should be educated about clinical trials opportunities and patients who participate in a clinical trial have a right to coverage of routine health care costs.
  • EARLY DETECTION: Every woman has a right to access the most effective, evidence-based breast cancer screening and diagnostic tools that may save her life.
  • FINANCIAL STABILITY: Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have a right to fight the disease without fear of bankruptcy.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Every woman has a right to high-quality care, no matter where she seeks medical services.
  • INNOVATION: All Americans have a right to a government that makes investment in cancer research a national priority.
  • PATIENT EDUCATION: Every woman has a right to make informed decisions and control her own health.
  • RECONSTRUCTION: Breast cancer survivors have a right to insurance coverage for full mastectomy care, including reconstruction or prosthesis.
  • STRONG SAFETY NET: Uninsured and underinsured women have a right to a strong breast health care safety net.
  • TIMELY CARE: Every woman who has an abnormal mammogram has a right to a diagnosis and treatment, if needed, without delay.

More than 20 million individuals, including those facing breast cancer and survivors are now insured because of the ACA. Komen implores Congress to work to ensure that these individuals do not experience interrupted cancer care due to lost insurance coverage.

We will continue to tirelessly advocate for the preservation of these life-saving patient protections and access to cancer care. We appreciate your consideration of these concerns and look forward to working with you as the 115th Congress opens debate on changes to the Affordable Care Act.


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