Komen Scholar and Team of Scientists at the Salk Institute Identified A Genetic “Master Switch” that Controls Aggressive Breast Cancer

Komen Scholar Geoffrey Wahl of the Salk Institute and his lab team identified a gene that plays a significant role in activating the spreading of cancer in fetal cells. This discovery will allow for the exploration of strategies to block the Sox10 gene and ultimately prevent metastasis.

“When you’re talking about metastasis, a result like this is huge,” says Bianca Lundien Kennedy, a two-time breast cancer survivor and patient/research advocate who has worked with the Wahl lab for seven years. “It drastically alters the research landscape and will be such a personally significant thing for any breast cancer survivor or person with cancer to hear. It really hits home.”

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The work was funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute (R35 CA197687); the Susan G. Komen Foundation (SAC110036); the Breast Cancer Research Foundation; and NIH National Research Service Award fellowships F32CA174430, GM007752, CA206416, CA186043 and CA197699.