Komen OpEd in San Diego Union Tribune


Thousands of women in California are already dealing with the frustration of arbitrary health care policies such as these. This needs to be fixed now. Assembly Bill 1795 provides some hope for breast and cervical cancer patients by realigning state law with existing federal laws and closing these hazardous gaps in coverage.

The survival rate for the most common form of breast cancer is 99 percent, but the keys to survival are early detection and continuous, quality care. Unfortunately, many women are unable to obtain this kind of health care because the premiums remain unaffordable, or patients must accumulate crushing debt in order to obtain treatments they need.

This could easily be you or me. For instance, a woman who was recently hired by a company, is on a standard 90-day probationary period until their insurance kicks in and finds out she has breast cancer. AB 1795 covers this gap.

Likewise, women on Covered California choose this insurance because it is affordable when they are healthy, but as soon as they start breast cancer treatments, they can no longer afford the co-pays and costs associated with the disease. For many on Covered California, deepening debts lead them to cancel coverage altogether – only to face a big, fat tax bill at the end of the year. AB 1795 covers this gap.

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