Julia Louis-Dreyfus Expresses Concern for Uninsured Breast Cancer Patients

People Magazine reported that Julia Louis-Dreyfus said shes’s lucky to have great insurance since she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. Louis-Dreyfus has advocated for the renewal of universal health care and expressed her concern of how uninsured women cannot get treated properly for breast cancer due to the high costs of healthcare. According to The National Cancer Society, uninsured women are almost 2.6 times more likely to die of breast cancer than those with coverage. The American Cancer Society estimated that uninsured women would pay at least $140,000 for their treatment, and because of this they go deeply into debt. For women who are insured, the cost off this goes down to about $5,000-$10,000 depending on the insurance.

This is why Susan G. Komen San Diego provides qualified women the free services they need for every step of the breast cancer journey. These services include free diagnostic mammograms, life-saving screenings, temporary financial aid for living expenses, transportation, meal deliveries, education and more.