How San Diego’s Largest Non-corporate Team Captain Gets Over 100 People Involved with the Race for the Cure

Some people want to fundraise, but they may not know the right way to go about it. Well, here is how San Diego’s largest non-corporate team captain, Karla Lopez, goes about getting over 100 people involved every year. Karla is very driven, both to get people to register for the Race for the Cure and to fundraise because Komen San Diego helped her sister when she was undergoing treatment for stage IV breast cancer.karla hugging sandra

“Every time we cross the finish line at the Race for the Cure it’s like my sister is blowing out an extra birthday candle,” said Lopez.

Karla confirmed that getting people to actually participate and donate is not easy. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to get others involved.

To fundraise Karla doesn’t just do the baseline round of emails and family asks. She will host breakfasts, put on small raffles where her friends and family can buy tickets as a donation to Komen San Diego, and sells crafts and donate the profits.

Karla said with a laugh that when some people say they will register or donate, she will “harass” them with calls, texts, and reminders to ensure they will.

Picture8“The key is to start early because people say they will race or donate, but don’t do it until they are reminded a few times; and even then at the last moment,” said Lopez.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, but sometimes Karla says that she will actually sign up some of her family and friends who promise that they will race and let them pay her back when she sees them.

“All in all, people enjoy participating, racing, and going to my fundraising events and of course to The Race,” said Lopez. “Sometimes, it just takes a bit of pushing to get them there.”

Sign up for the Race for the Cure and fundraise so Komen San Diego can continue to help more people like Karla’s sister.