Female Health Research Study – Participants Needed

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UCSD is recruiting breast cancer survivors age 18 to 50 years old for a new study, “Women’s Health Survivorship Care Plan”. The purpose of this study is to determine if a tailored women’s health survivorship care plan will improve reproductive health symptoms (i.e., hot flashes, fertility concerns, birth control practices, and sexual function) in young breast cancer survivors.

Who can join this study?

Young women age 18-50 who have completed treatment for breast cancer.

What happens if I choose to participate?

If you choose to participate you will be randomly assigned to either the intervention or waitlist control group and followed for 24 weeks. Participants in the intervention group will receive a tailored survivorship care plan at the start of the study. Participants in the waitlist control group will have access to their tailored survivorship care plan at completion of the 24 weeks of follow up.

As a participant, you will be asked to do the following study activities:

  • Daily record the number and severity of hot flashes through text messages
  • Complete a questionnaire at enrollment, 12, and 24 weeks
  • Provide the name and contact information of a health care provider who you would like to be asked to participate in this study

How can I join?

Please contact us at 858-822-0768 or ayastudy@ucsd.edu for more information. Or visit www.youngcancersurvivor.com.

Principal Investigator

Irene Su, MD, MSCE

This study is funded by the California Breast Cancer Research Program and has been approved by the UC San Diego Institutional Review Board.