Escondido, San Marcos women less likely to get screened for breast cancer

The San Diego Susan G. Komen Foundation has identified Escondido and San Marcos as high-priority areas for breast cancer screening because of the amount of barriers to healthcare.

According to Laura Farmer Sherman, executive director of Komen San Diego, every year the foundation does community profiles to identify areas with barriers to health care and pockets of the county with high diagnoses of late-stage breast cancer.

About 20 percent of people in Escondido and San Marcos live in poverty. Sherman said those living in poverty are less likely to get screened for breast cancer because of the cost.

“If you have the choice between (getting) a mammogram, or (putting) food on the table, you’re going to choose putting food on the table,” Sherman said.coast news group logo

Other barriers that caused the foundation to identify the area as high-priority include lack of health care, unemployment, and language and culture barriers.

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