Ellen Goodman — Mother of Susan G. Komen and Nancy Brinker 1920-2015

The Susan G. Komen family is heartbroken to say goodbye to a woman whose compassion, generosity and sense of service changed the world.

Ellen Tressa Neuman Goodman, known to many of us at Komen as “Miss Ellie,” died peacefully today in Palm Beach, Florida.  She was the mother of ellen goodman(1)Susan G. Komen, our namesake, and Nancy G. Brinker, our founder.

Miss Ellie leaves a legacy of stewardship and citizenship that inspired our movement, as Nancy recounted in her book, Promise Me

“After Suzy’s breast cancer diagnosis in 1977, Mom embodied the greatest qualities of a caregiver: patience, strength, calm, laughter through tears, grace under unimaginable pressure. In the decades since Suzy’s death, she’s reached out to countless breast cancer patients and their families with that same boundless energy and unconditional love. For Ellie Goodman, faith incites purpose, compassion breeds generosity, and love becomes action.”

Today, all of us at Susan G. Komen continue to be guided by Miss Ellie’s words: “When you see something that needs doing, do it. When you see a wrong, right it.”

And so we will. We will not stop until our work is complete, Miss Ellie, and we will always hold dear your wisdom and compassion that inspired our mission.

Very truly yours,
Judy Salerno
President & CEO
Susan G. Komen