Dhalia Balmir, Health Equity Coordinator

Dhalia comes from a background in diversity & inclusion, contract management, procurement, sourcing and supplier management in addition to experience and perspective from a variety of industries (non-profit, technology, healthcare and social services).  She brings forth experience in establishing strategic direction, policies, procedures, building relationships, outreach and leadership.

Having worked at a Fortune 500 technology corporation for 12 years, Dhalia expanded her personal interests through leading female-led and African-American led employee networks, building strategic partnerships with other diversity employee networks while influencing initiatives on representation, mentorship and development for female and black employees.

Dhalia earned her master’s from Wayne State University in Public Administration and her bachelor’s from Michigan State University in Social Science, Psychology major. Dhalia is very passionate and considers herself a forward thinker and champion of change who is inspired to create data driven strategies when it comes to diversity, and identifying opportunities to closing gaps.   In her own words, “ Taking the time to genuinely listen and truly hear what others are communicating, helps me to better serve and bring true value in driving change”.

On a personal note, Dhalia enjoys dancing, movies, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Phone: (858) 573-2760 x 109

Email: dhalia@sdkomen.org