Councilmember Myrtle Cole joins Susan G. Komen to help decrease the high rate of breast cancer in San Diego

Komen San Diego was honored to have Councilmember Cole join us for Circle of Promise Day on August 1. The Councilmember encouraged African American women throughout her district to get screened and be more proactive about their breast health and engage at least 10 women in their “circle” to do the same.

She also brought with her a special commendation which she presented to Komen. It reads the following:

“On the occasion of the inaugural ‘Circle of Promise Day and Community Walk,’ I commend your initiative to encourage African American women to be more proactive about their breast health by scheduling screenings and motivating ten women in their circle to do the same.

On behalf of the residents of the Fourth Council District and the City of San Diego, I applaud your meritorious efforts to decrease the high mortality rate of breast cancer among African American women and to engage and mobilize our community. Thank you for being a valued resource and awareness program in the fight against breast cancer.”


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