Complementary and Integrative Therapies

Complementary therapies – sometimes called integrative cit-blog-1medicine – encompasses many different therapies and is used together with conventional therapy to help prevent or treat breast cancer or lessen the side effects of treatment.

Complementary and integrative therapies (CIT) refers to the use of natural products on the skin or in the diet, such as plant-derived compounds, herbals, or special diets; mind-body medicine such as paced breathing or meditation; and body-based practices such as massage, acupuncture and exercises like yoga or Tai Chi.

Laboratory and clinical research has provided both “positive” (it may work) and “negative” (it may not work or be safe) evidence on the use of CIT. So, like any decision concerning your health, using CM should be discussed with your doctor. Komen has long supported scientifically sound research into the use of CIT.



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