What is a Circle of Influence?

There are things we can influence and change in our communities. We have a choice to use our individual influence to effect change. When we choose to focus our attention and energy on a specific need – that becomes our Circle of Influence.

Why the Circle of Influence?

The Circle of Influence is uniquely positioned to make a meaningful and much-needed impact right here in San Diego County to help us achieve our Bold Goal – to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% in the United States within the next decade. By joining the Circle of Influence, you are committing to breaking down barriers to care and fighting for health equity for every woman, man and family we serve. Members of the Circle of Influence are invited to help support innovative initiatives in the San Diego region that will lead to us achieving our Bold Goal!

Why Now?

The need has never been more urgent for sustained funding that stays in San Diego to help women and men in our region access lifesaving care including free diagnostic services, mammograms, biopsies and MRIs along with diagnosis management and care coordination.




Marsha Berkson*
Catherine & Phil Blair*
Chantal Breyfogle
Claudia Ehrlich
Patricia Elwood
Frank de Francesco*
Bobbie Gilbert
Mr. & Mrs. Hunte*
Jackie Martin
Trisha Millican
Merrilee Neal*
Irene Oberbauer*
Cindy Olmstead
Robin Rady
Evelyn Rady*
Krista Torquato

* denotes Charter Member

The Circle of Influence is your unique opportunity to make a direct and substantial impact on breast cancer in San Diego.


To become a member of the Circle of Influence, please contact: Judi Steadman at (858) 573-2760 x 107 or