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The Questions to Ask the Doctor About Breast Cancer series includes 17 topic cards on a variety of breast cancer issues. Each card contains pertinent questions to discuss with your doctor regarding a specific breast cancer topic. You can download and print the cards and bring them with you to your next doctor’s appointment. Plenty of space is provided to jot down the answers to the questions. These topic cards are a valuable tool for women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, who may be too overwhelmed to even know where to begin to start gathering information. These topic cards are also available in Spanish.

If you need additional cards, please visit The two-sided cards are available in packages of 100 on a single topic or can be ordered as a complete set with one of each card coming in a folder.

Interactive Treatment Navigation Tool

For those newly diagnosed, the Treatment Navigation tool gives an overview of common breast cancer treatment plans in a non-overwhelming and interactive way. This is a great tool to use in your communities.

Topic Cards Available for Download

  • Biosimilars – questions regarding biosimilars.
  • Breast Biopsy – questions regarding different types of biopsies, the biopsy procedure and after effects.
  • Breast Cancer Surgery– questions to help you prepare for breast cancer surgery both before and after.
  • Breast Density – questions regarding breast density.
  • Breast Reconstruction – questions about reconstructive surgery, insurance issues and possible side effects.
  • Chemotherapy and Side Effects – questions regarding chemotherapy treatment and possible side effects.
  • Clinical Trials – questions regarding participating in a clinical trial.
  • Hormone Therapy – questions regarding hormone therapy.
  •  If You Find a Lump in Your Breast – questions regarding mammography and other tests if a lump or change is found.
  • Inherited Genes and Breast Cancer Risk – questions regarding genetic counseling/testing, benefits, and risks of genetic testing, insurance coverage, confidentiality issues and options for women at a greater risk for breast cancer.
  • Lymphedema – questions regarding the risk of developing lymphedema, precautions to avoid lymphedema and treatment of lymphedema.
  • Mammography – information about preparing for a mammogram, insurance coverage, mammography results and next steps if an abnormality is detected.
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer – questions about metastatic breast cancer, treatment, and quality of life issues.
  • Radiation Therapy – questions regarding radiation treatment.
  • When Breast Cancer is Diagnosed – questions regarding diagnostic testing, types of breast cancer and prognostic factors.