Black History Month – Supporting Each Other to Strengthen Our Health

Dr. Kelly Elmore grew up on the west side of Chicago. At age 8 she would write her name as “Dr. Elmore,” she knew that she wanted to be a women’s physician. With the support of her friends and family nothing stopped her from becoming someone who could make a difference in her community. Now she is a dedicated wife, mother, physician and philanthropist working to make health and well-being a priority.

Dr. Elmore remembers seeing hard-working women doing everything they could to raise their families, but would struggle to get adequate access to health care or would always put their health on the back burner. “I became a physician to be their advocate.”

When she was in medical school she shadowed a breast cancer physician, “I remember a young woman in her late 20s with five kids, working two jobs; she was a black female with large breasts and she noticed a mass on her left breast, but she was so busy taking care of her family that she didn’t come in until the tumor was the size or an orange. The physician told her ‘I’m sorry, I’m going to do the best I can, but you’ve got advanced breast cancer.’ I remember the look on her face and she said ‘I was just trying to take care of my family.’ This left a huge impression on me.”


“I don’t want cancer in our community.” – Dr. Elmore


Dr. Elmore has practiced medicine for 15 years, ten of those years she’s practiced as an obstetrician and gynecologist. Her one vision is that we identify every female in the community and make sure that their preventive health care is up to date, they have proper follow ups if they were to get diagnosed and access to resources and support from their families and community. “I don’t want cancer in our community,” she said.

Dr. Elmore is happy to be on board with Komen San Diego because they share the same mission; to have happy, healthy and prosperous women that shouldn’t have to deal with the diagnosis of cancer. She highly recommends being aware of not just your breasts, but your entire body because we will probably be the first to recognize when something is not right.

“Don’t be afraid to get screened because you’re afraid of the answer.” -Dr. Elmore