Komen San Diego CEO, Shaina Gross, Featured in Authority Magazine

Susan G. Komen® San Diego’s President and CEO, Shaina Gross, was just featured in Authority Magazine!

Authority Magazine is a publication devoted to sharing interesting “interview series” featuring people who are authorities in Business, Film, Healthcare, Sports, Tech. They use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable.

As an authority in healthcare, Shaina illuminated the need for patient navigators for all breast cancer patients.

“Patient navigators should be available to everyone. Imagine being diagnosed with breast cancer and being told you need to see multiple doctors, each with a different treatment plan, in different offices. On top of that, you are the one who is responsible for keeping it all straight, making sure to tell doctor №3 what doctor №1 said, all while advocating for yourself . . . Komen funded some of the first nurse navigators in San Diego hospitals and they proved so useful that the hospitals have adopted this model in all of their locations.”

Shaina also highlighted how vital Komen San Diego’s Race for the Cure is for breast cancer patients.

“The Race is one moment in time — always the first Sunday in November — but the money raised on that day is what allows us to provide local services all year long. Without the Race we wouldn’t be able to pay a breast cancer patient’s rent or utilities when they are out of work or pay for the ultrasound or MRI that they can’t afford one out of pocket. The Race enables us to educate thousands of women every year across our community about the importance of annual screenings, and what steps to take if you notice something has changed with your body.”

To register for this year’s Race for the Cure click here.