Linda Amaro, Member at Large

linda_amaroMy journey in the fight against breast cancer began when I saw a mother of two young children leave this world.  Her parting left a family shattered and lost with concern over what was next.  In a world where this disease can be fought and the chances of survival dramatically increased when detected early, it became a passion for me to find a way to make a difference.  I found a perfect match with Komen San Diego.  Its mission to support the under and uninsured women to detect and treat Breast Cancer through its grant making programs was a natural fit for me.   I have served as a Board Governance Committee Member, the Board Governance Chair and Board President.  With a front row view of how the organization works, I see the lives that are touched and the difference we make.  I am grateful for this opportunity to be with passionate people coming together to support the women of our community.