Robin Rady – Member at Large and Founder of METUGO, Inc.

A former elementary school teacher, Robin Rady is the founder of METUGO, Inc. In 2011, Robin was diagnosed with breast cancer and the BRCA2 gene mutation. Her treatment consisted of a bilateral mastectomy, another surgery for a complication, a hysterectomy, two reconstructive surgeries, physical therapy and lots of medication. With all that going on, Robin was overwhelmed with the reports, paperwork and records of all her treatments and appointments. She took the time to organize her “medical life” into a binder that she could take with her on her journey through the medical maze that was her life. Robin began developing her idea and transformed her version of the binder into a truly organized breast cancer patient binder. From there, she donated her time, talent and treasure to assemble binders for others. She rallied family and friends to volunteer to help meet the growing need for the “hope in a binder.” Robin has now created hundreds of medical record organizers for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. By the end of this year, it is estimated that she will have provided more than 1,000 organizers to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.