5 Ways to Successfully Fundraise for the Race for the Cure

1. Before asking others to donate, kick-start your fundraising with a little of your own money to show walter_wilson_studios-16
your commitment. Then you can ask if others will match your donation!

2. People will only give is you ask. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. Contact everyone you know and ask them to donate. Today it can be easy, use social media and ask people to share your post so more people can see it!

3. Send customized emails! While social media is great for a big generic ask, get more personal in an email.

– Include your personal story — why you’re raising money and why it’s walter_wilson_studios-7important to you.

– Don’t send out a generic email to everyone in your address book. Group people together—co-workers, friends, family, runners—and write a message that speaks to them. You can even go the extra mile and write a personalized email to everyone you are asking.

4. Take advantage of significant dates. Use birthdays, surgery dates, and any other special dates as reasons to donate.

– Send out reminders and asks right before those dates explaining why that day is important and ask for a certain amount that correlates to the date. (Is there a birthday on the 17th ? Ask for 17 dollars!)

5. Host fundraisers! A breakfast or Barbecue or another event is a great way to get people together and walter_wilson_studios-11ask for a donation. Just because you are fundraising for a serious cause doesn’t mean that you have to be
serious all the time. Get people together and have fun while raising money!

– Have a raffle that people can win small prizes and use the money as a donation.

– Sell something and use the profits as a donation.

– Be creative! Make up another event or game in order to get people to donate