Choose one of these “fun”-raising activities or create your own to help your team make an impact in the fight against breast cancer!

1.    CASUAL DAYS: Ask your team members to collect a $5 fee from employees who would like to dress down on Fridays.

2.    DESIGN YOUR TEAM T-SHIRT: Accept nominations for your team’s t-shirt. Have people vote using dollar bills.

3.    “WATER COOLER” DAYS: Bring in homemade sweets and sell them during water cooler breaks.

4.    OFFICE CUBICLE SALE: Sell any unused or rarely used supplies to the highest bidder. Larger office space available? Add it to the list!

5.    PARKING RAFFLES: Auction off reserved parking spots to encourage higher bids for covered parking spaces!

6.    GOLF TOURNAMENTS: Mini or not – organize a golf tournament to raise donations.

7.    “PENNY WARS”: Set up change jars in each company department and try to collect the most money in your jar.

8.    POSTER THE WALLS: Display posters encouraging your team members to donate. Include a fundraising thermometer to track your team’s progress.

9.    JUST ASK: Ask everyone for a donation – your hairdresser, doctor, neighbor, co-worker, sister, grocery clerk, cousin….. the key is just to ask!

10.    GARAGE SALE: Organize a team garage sale and donate the proceeds.

11.    PINK POTLUCK: Hold a potluck full of pink food and charge $10 a plate.

12.    EMAIL USING YOUR HQ: Send out an email request for donations using your online Participant Headquarters.

13.    ...AND MORE! Having trouble coming up with a plan? Contact us at for more great ideas!


1.    Use Facebook and other social media networks.
2.    Share YOUR story. How have you been touched by breast cancer? Or are you grateful that it has not touched your life and your family?
3.    Put fundraising dollars into perspective: $150 can fund one lifesaving mammogram; 10 lattés equals breast health education materials; the cost of movie admission contributes partial funding for a patient navigator.
4.    Brainstorm with your team! Be creative and think of things that can involve everyone.
5.    Advertise your participation as much as possible and just ask people!


Form a team with co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, and organization members. Spread
the word by posting flyers, sending emails, and asking members to spread the word amongst those they know as well.

Encourage your team members to fundraise. You can easily use ideas like bake sales, penny jars, work jeans days – capitalize on fun events to raise money.

Keep your team informed of everything Race-related! Send inspirational stories, provide breast cancer facts—keep the excitement going!