A Breast Cancer diagnosis or staying on top of breast health screenings can be a timely and costly process. Komen San Diego researches and identifies the greatest needs of San Diego County and provides the community with the following breast health services to increase access to early detection and quality treatment.

Free Mammograms

heidi with pups for webDial 2-1-1 to talk with a Breast Health Specialist.

For English, press 2-2-3-1. For Spanish, press 1-1-3-1.

Mobile Mammography
(619) 269-1299

Sometimes the reason people don’t get mammograms is because they don’t have the time, or can’t get to an appointment because of transportation issues. Komen funds San Diego County’s first
mobile mammography coach to reach women where they work, live, pray or play. Visit to see where the mammogram coach will be near you or you can call to make an appointment.  The coach is owned and operated by Community Health Imaging Centers.

Diagnostic Mammograms and Services

Under 40 Years Old
(619) 542-4342

Insurance and government programs usually cover breast services for individuals who are 40 years old and older. However, people younger than 40 are rarely covered by insurance and this is where Komen steps in. Komen funds diagnostic services (i.e. mammography, surgical consultations, breast biopsies, ultrasounds and ancillary services) for low-income, uninsured or underinsured individuals (women and men) under the age of 40 living in San Diego County and those who don’t qualify for other reasons for the state program, Every Woman Counts. These services are managed by Health Quality Partners of Southern California.

sandra graphicFinancial  Assistance

(858) 637-3210

Komen helps breast cancer patients stabilize their lives during crises and provides limited, temporary financial assistance for the most critical needs. These services are provided by Jewish Family Service of San Diego.

Food Assistance


Komen funds meal delivery for eligible individuals and their families affected by breast cancer. This service provides 100% of the nutrition patients need to gain or maintain essential weight, strengthen their immune systems and properly metabolize breast cancer medications. This service is provided by Mama’s Kitchen.

Transportation Assistance

(858) 637-3210
Komen helps breast cancer patients with transportation expenses associated with getting to and from treatment. This service is provided by Jewish Family Service of San Diego.

Care Coordination

Dial 2-1-1 or (858) 637-3210
It can be overwhelming to navigate the health system on your own. Komen offers trained care coordinators to help with this daunting process. We connect women throughout San Diego County to breast health resources and medical care and we ensure medically-underserved women receive regular screenings and follow-up care. These services are provided by Jewish Family Service of San Diego and 2-1-1 San Diego.

Cancer Diagnostics

(619) 542-4342

For those whose breast screening tests reveals something abnormal, a follow-up test, known as a “diagnostic service”, is needed. Through Komen funding, Health Quality Partners covers the cost of
diagnostic mammograms, surgical consultations, breast biopsies, ultrasounds and ancillary services for San Diegans under the age of 40 and for those who don’t qualify for the state program, Every Woman Counts. In order to access funds for diagnostic services, individuals are referred to Health Quality Partners by their physician with an authorization request.


Central San Diego: (619) 205-6347
North County: (760) 631-5000 X7167

Learn more about breast health and insurance in a one-on-one or in a group setting. Learn about the
importance of early detection for survival and how to enter the continuum of care with referrals for free or low-cost screenings, while receiving follow up communication to confirm you were able to access services.
This service is funded by Komen and provided by Vista Community Clinic and San Ysidro Health Center.

Patient Navigation

Central San Diego: (619) 208-3440
North county: (760) 631-5000 X7167

On average, breast cancer progresses one stage every 90-120 days, making it critically important to get timely screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Patient Navigation happens in a clinical setting to reduce
delays in accessing the continuum of care services and has a specific endpoint, specific to each client (as opposed to Care Coordination). Komen funds patient navigation programs at Scripps Mercy O’Toole Breast Care Center and Vista Community Clinic.






In 2016, Komen San Diego contributed $325,000 to Susan G. Komen’s national research program. Next to the U.S. government, Komen is the largest funder of breast cancer research in the world. Every step forward in the war on this disease has been touched by a Komen grant.

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