Laura Farmer Sherman, President & CEO

Laura Farmer Sherman is the President & CEO of Susan G. Komen in San DLaura Farmer Shermaniego County.  She began volunteering for the San Diego Affiliate in 2004, one year after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2007, Farmer Sherman was named Executive Director.  As an eleven year breast cancer survivor and a former corporate communications executive, Farmer Sherman is passionate about Komen’s mission:  empowering women, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures.  She is most proud of the relationships she has developed in the community, bringing a wide range of partners together to help fund support for research – and to help those women and men in our County who are literally choosing between whether they can put food on the table, or pay for a life-saving mammogram.

phone:  (858) 573-2760 x 102